Inspire your stay with a collection of facilities perfect for vacationers and recreation seekers. Dip in the famed shoreline with watersports to enjoy and two awe-inspiring grand pools that present breathtaking vistas from the uphill. Access a world-class spa and wellness center along with a fitness center and a kid's club.

Couple's massage in Samal Escape Spa

Samal Escape Spa

Close your eyes and let your mind slip away as we help you balance the senses. Take on a soothing and rejuvenating escape in the resort’s state-of-the-art spa facility. 

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Sandbox indoor shot


With various activities in arts and crafts, Sandbox is the place to be for little tots to enjoy and make the most out of the vacation! Swim in the morning, Sandbox in the afternoon. There are endless ways for kids to discover and experience Discovery Samal like their parents.

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Friend playing in Mindanao Pavilion

Mindanao Pavilion

Hang out and enjoy enriching your wellness in our Mindanao Pavilion.

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Discovery Samal beachfront

Beach Area

Discover the ultimate tropical paradise at Discovery Samal, where you can indulge your traveler's soul and fall in love with the natural beauty of Samal Island. 

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Lounges by the Infinity pool with a city view, Discovery Samal

Swimming Pools

Plunge in the breathtaking three outdoor infinity pools located at each level of the massive Discovery Samal.

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Working in out in Fit Studio

Fit Studio

Don't let your fitness goals slip away while you're on vacation. Keep track of your progress and stay in shape at our Fit Studio, the perfect place to get your daily workout in. Our studio is equipped with everything you need, from cardio machines to strength training equipment.

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Discovery Samal chapel


Discovery Samal's Divine Grace Chapel is set to be an iconic spot at the resort, where the fleeting and scenic view of the cityscape and the sea serve as its backdrop. Centered by the lush greeneries and surrounded by soft waters from the pond, the chapel sits at the highest point of the resort, bringing a peaceful and calming experience.  

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